3 Tips In Hiring A Process Server


Some legal documents need to be delivered right away and to the concerned person, if possible. However, as a petitioner, you don’t have to do it on your own. All you need is to be assured that the document was served and the respondent was made aware of the impending legal proceedings before him. The delivery of legal notification is the job of a Process Server. They ensure that your legal papers are served in a speedy and efficient manner so you can get on with the legal matters immediately. There are several process servers on the internet and to help you hire the best in the industry, take a look at the following tips:

Hire a process server in your area

The cost of process serving vary mainly on two factors; the time when the document has to be served and location of the respondent. If the process server is from your area, the agency would not charge an additional fee for delivery cost. Whereas, additional fees are required for respondents who are located in remote areas and for those who need to be served with the legal document repeatedly due to unavailability. A Process Server may require additional fee for documents served during the holiday or when the document requires rush delivery service.

Check for client feedback

To ensure that you will get the best service in the industry, check the satisfactory rate of previous and current clients of the service provider. You can find client feedback in the service provider’s website or from discussion boards over the internet. Avoid process servers with bad record and with low success rate.

Check the agency’s success rate

Similarly, check the success rate of the Process Server you are considering. There are process servers that are known to have turnaround time within 24 hours with success rate of over 80%. You can find this information from the process server’s website and also from forums on the internet. You can also ask for referrals from friends or from your industry’s network who may have previously sought the service of a process server.