3 Tips To Choose The Right Illustrated Maps Creator 


Among travelers and adventurers, the use of Illustrated Maps are getting more and more popular especially among the young ones. Illustrated maps are just like any other maps but they come with graphics and illustrations instead of mere names of cities and places. Maps never ran out of fashion and people will need a map at some point in their lives. You can have an illustrated map on your phone or electronic gadget while there are illustrated maps used in commercial establishments such as in large resorts or hotels, government complex, schools and academic institutions, theme parks and in development sites. If you need a specialized map,choose a professional illustrator or an illustration company for quality results. To find the right service provider, take a look at these ideas.

Excellent projects

Before deciding on an illustrator, make it a point to check on his previous projects. Check his sample works which can be found at the illustrator’s official website or social media sites. You can also ask for electronic copies or samples of his projects, as an option. You might also want to call the illustrator’s previous customers for feedback. Find out if the map is effective and if the map is still in good condition such as if its color remains vibrant or its edges are not yet chipped. Ask the customers if they were satisfied with the materials used on the map.

Utilizes up-to-date illustration techniques

Professional map illustrators utilize various techniques to provide accurate and highly functional map. Expert map makers create map using techniques that fuse traditional and electronic illustration methods using water-color, pencil, ink and other materials. You can tell that you are looking at an expert illustrator if he/she can create Illustrated Maps on different platforms.

With positive reputation

Gather some information on the Illustrated Maps creator. Choose an illustrator who is trusted in the industry and one who has more positive feedback and testimonials from customers. You can find these testimonials at the illustrator’s website or from independent review sites and discussion boards on the internet. You might also want to engage in discussions at the illustrator’s social media account.