Amazon Launches Local Services


Amazon is launching Amazon Local Services, which allows Amazon to bring electricians and plumbers to install appliances and electronics into your home instead of making you undergo through the hassle of looking for professional electricians and plumbers to install them. The service will allow its customers in New York, Los Angeles, and Seattle to connect with local handymen who will do the installation job.

This means that, for example, buying an air-conditioning unit from Amazon allows it to not only deliver the unit to your doorsteps but would also bring-in one of the many service contractors who advertise through Amazon to assist you in the installation of the A/C.

This move makes sense as Amazon has always been proud of its great customer service for many years, but has been reported to have strayed from that vision the last few years.

What differs this from customers simply doing the calling and looking of professionals is that Amazon guarantees you money back on the contract work. This means that Amazon will refund all of the fees you paid for your installation. On top of that, Amazon will even conduct background checks on the service providers. After which, the Amazon website will be featuring the customer reviews for those service providers.

Service providers who will pass the background check conducted by Amazon are all required to pay a monthly fee. In addition, %20 of their service fees under $1000 or 15% of those over it will go to Amazon. Service profession will segment the fees. So far the ones listed apply to handymen, plumbers, electricians, computer technicians, auto mechanics, car electronics specialists, home media specialists, and appliance technicians.

The decision of launching Local Services comes after Amazon had announced almost two months ago that it was deciding to open a physical store instead of traditionally keeping business online, which may be a move to compete with other retail stores. The store is set to open in Manhattan during the Christmas Holidays. Solidifying their intention of opening a store, Amazon was reported by Vornado Realty Trust to have signed a 17-year lease for their preferred location in 7 West 34th Street in Manhattan.