Amazon Sets Its Sights On The Furniture Market


A dining room is not complete without an urban chic dining set where the family can eat in style. Because of the popularity of open floor plan, the traditional dining sets have become a thing of the past. The modern trend right now is now a collection of different styles and designs that complement each other. You can choose from a variety of options and craft a beautiful design to enhance the dining experience.

Do you know that you can now buy dining furniture from Amazon? There is certainly no limit to Amazon’s ambitions. After launching a private clothing brand, Amazon has entered the pharmacy business. Now, it has set its sights on a new market – private label furniture brands Stone & Beam and Ravel.

Both of the brands offer free returns within 30 days including a 3-year warranty on all furniture. Stone & Beam focuses on consumers who prefer country and modern touches while Rivet aims for the city-dwelling millennial that wants furniture for small spaces. Both brands of furniture are suitable for the budget conscious.

Amazon is entering the market of “good value for money paid” not the Ikea-style prices. It is very clear that Amazon wants a share of the retail market that is does not currently control. It is selling other people’s brands but by having its own brand, it gains more flexibility. Going private will also allow Amazon to lower its prices because there is no middleman. It can sell hundreds of chairs, sofas, tables and other items from the two lines directly to the customers.

Amazon is not alone in its pursuit of private label strategy. Target has also made changes in its clothing and furniture line to add a number of company-owned labels. The line which is not called furniture offers tabletops, home décor and giftables.

Nowadays it is normal to buy furniture online even if you do not have the opportunity to see the urban chic dining sets that come in both small and large sizes. Online retailers leverage of the credibility of their brand name as well as the reputation it has managed to create due to its satisfactory customer service.