An E-Course To Becoming A Wedding Planner In Sydney


Most people take them a year to organize a wedding, but according to Paula Majstorovic, she plans to handle 15 clients per year. “There are weekends you have three or four, which have you as the wedding planner in Sydney, and you need to coordinate with your people such as finding stationery and organizing decorations.”

For a full service, the wedding planner demands an average fee of $4000. She says it will take around 80 hours to plan a wedding including taking the bride to find a ceremony and reception site, dresses and photographers, pay people on her behalf, and be the organizer on this big day.

“You need to persuade them to create a wedding day in their minds. On the big day, you start really early and finish very late. You seem to be the bride’s personal assistant minimizing her stress,” says Majstorovic.

She also needs to hire caterers, decorators and florists. Unsurprisingly, she favors expatriates. “Brides based overseas come here to Sydney with their family, and they aren’t a traditional Muriel who calls you around several times a day.”

Qualifications: Wedding planner in Sydney Majstorovic offers an e-course teaching people how to be an online wedding planner. She has a complete program that allows you to study at your own pace and helps people wanting a career change in their lives. The course informs how you can install a wedding planning business, improve the size of your business, and turn it into a progressive and profitable business.

Course description: There are five modules for the wedding planner e-course, which is sent to your Inbox bi-monthly. It covers the following topics like getting started, how to deal with service providers and clients, how to organize a wedding, marketing your business to others, and completing it all together.

Price: The e-course can cost you around $1197 including mailing and handling within the country.

From the inside: The wedding planner in Sydney Majstorovic says the number of couples hiring them have doubled in a span of three years. “It’s a profitable business that’s beginning to grow,” she says. “There are around 110,000 weddings in Australia every year, where the average cost can exceed $40,000.”