Application Development Tools – Quick And Easy Solution For Businesses


Google has recently announced the launch of App Maker, the newest entry in the app building market. Google’s App Maker is an application development tool that will help enterprises in building process automation, project management and other apps without the need for extensive code writing. App Maker will make it easy for enterprises or even individuals to develop basic apps that will be used for a specific company objective.

Last year, Google has introduced Recommend for the G Suite Program; the new application will be added to Recommend. The G Suite program recommends apps from other providers that are considered safe and reliable to meet Google’s requirements for high quality integration. Some of the new applications that have been added to G Suite program include Asana, DocuSign, FreshDesk, LumApps, Virtru, Xero and Zoho Invoice.

Enterprise apps are usually intended for time tracking solutions like tracking orders and inventory. If there is a particular problem for the company that can be digitized, it can easily be solved through the basic custom app. The apps run on the same infrastructure that is being used to run G Suite to make it very convenient for IT admin to manage in the same way as Gmail and Google Drive.

App developers can build a wide range of web and mobile apps with Google’s App Maker, apps that can leverage on Google’s cloud services and API’s such as Google Directory API and Prediction API. App Maker speeds up the development process of applications because there is no longer a need to write extensive amounts of code or spend a lot of time in setting up application infrastructure, security and monitoring. HTML, CSS and JavaScript and other standard web development markup and scripting languages can be used by the app developer to build a basic custom app.

Rapid Application Development Platform allows a business app to be developed even without any technical or programming skills. The introduction of rapid application development tools opens many new opportunities for businesses because it will allow them the freedom to experiment and come up with solutions that can effectively satisfy their requirements.