Australia Post Following The Steps Of Amazon


Shipster is the one of most recent and important delivery programs introduced by Australia Post. This is expected to give the agency a step ahead of the online giant Amazon.  It cannot be denied that there are now many options for Melbourne courier companies because of the rise in online shopping.

Through the program, they will be able to provide free delivery as they will be partnering with local retailers. The move is an important measure between them in order to have an edge with online shopping which is their biggest competition.

Shipster operates the same way as Amazon Prime. Customers can be members by subscribing to a small charge per month and in return they get various benefits in terms of delivery. As of writing, 40 retailers in the country have already joined the program by Shipster.

Australia Post showed statistics that number of consumers using online shopping has increased in the past year from 11.5 per cent and now it is at 15 per cent. Australia Post is expecting that this will be their busiest year because of online shopping and it is a record for the company.

Aside from the program, Australia post has made another offer to construct 500 lockers. These will be located in the supermarkets of Woolworths. This will aid customers as it is more efficient to deliver and they can collect without hassle.

Christine Corbett, the chief executive of Australia Post said that the program for Shipsterwas introduced at the right time because online shoppers are already busy for their Christmas shopping.

At the beginning of 2018, Amazon will start its operation from its new base in Australia located in Dandenong South, Melbourne.

Analysts cautioned that many retailers are not prepared for the coming of Amazon which is considered to be huge name in retail. Though a recent survey revealed that 90 per cent knows about Amazon’s coming but only 48 per cent knows about their Prime program.

With the introduction of Amazon in the country, many Melbourne courier companies are also unsure about the implication of the brand in their existing businesses.