Be In A Hotel Near Night Market In Ratchada To Visit Many Night Markets


Bangkok has a lot to offer its locals and tourists from around the world. You can surely enjoy its rich culture, great food, exciting shopping and the vibrant nightlife. The metropolis has everything to offer travellers once they hit the shores. However, it’s the ceaseless shopping scenario that brings many people to this vivacious city of Thailand. If you like, you can book in a hotel near night market in Ratchada to be able to visit many night markets.

Bangkok is an ideal city for stimulating the mind and gratifying the craving with tremendous offerings. Here you experience the glitzy malls by day and the bustling night markets by night, making shopping in Bangkok happen literally 24/7. However, one must enjoy shopping in night markets especially that it has a lot to offer tourists and locals.

Patpong Night Market

Many people want to see what’s in store at the Patpong Night Market. Once the sun sets down, the sidewalk along the north side of Silomis hustled with several travellers. The market is connected to the Saladaeng BTS Station on Silom Road, making it so accessible. Here you get to see all sorts of merchandise from garments, CDS and tapes, computer software, household ornaments, watches and souvenirs, which you can take back to your homeland. Sunday mornings are the best time to buy as you can haggle with very low prices. In this area is an abundance of go-go bars, which brings you great opportunity for a rowdy nightlife.

Khao San Road

It’s really a must-visit destination in Bangkok. Here you’ll experience an enticing Thai ambiance. You can reach Khao San Road using express boats, buses and taxis. The area is flocked with backpackers and those on a budget. Shoppers can choose a variety of items from designer clothes and accessories, fisherman’s pants, footwear, textiles, sunglasses, DVDs and CDs.

Ratchada Night Bazaar

If you like to be in this section of Bangkok, you can book in a hotel near night market in Ratchada for easy and affordable access to almost anything. Though the night market is disorganised, you can have the best buys from home decorative items, furniture, antiques, books, shoes and leather bags. It’s also here that you find a classy collection of vintage motorbikes and scooters, which is why tourists come to flock here.