Bee Academic Tutoring Expands Their Services To Downey, Montebello And Whittier, CA


Cerritos, CA – 02-04-2015 — Bee Academic Tutoring, a company that offers tutoring services to many students, recently expanded their services in many other parts of California. Originally, the family-owned company covers the areas of Long Beach, Lakewood, Buena Park, Fullerton, Cerritos and Bellflower. Now, through their recent expansions, the company is now able to extend their services to Downey, Montebello and Whittier.

Not all students are Einsteins and many others would need special attention. Tutoring has been considered as the best way to help students who are experiencing difficulties with their studies, helping them cope up and get ahead with their peers. With the recent expansion, the company would be able to help out more students in the different parts of California.

Bee Academic Tutoring provides that kind of services. Through this tutoring company, students would be able to hire tutors who specialize in many different fields such as English, Math, Science, History and many other K-12 subjects. The company offers both home-in and online tutoring. Tutors would come to the student’s home or at the designated place where the tutoring session will be held.

Bee Academic Tutoring gives the students the freedom to choose whatever schedule that would best fit them as they are not bound to a contract. K-12 subjects are also available in their online tutoring service. Online tutoring between the student and the tutor is done through various cyber platforms that allow webcam interaction such as Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts and GoToMeeting.

The tutoring company also offers services to help out college students. With their college prep tutoring, they will assist in many areas such as writing essays, time management, study skills and preparing college applications among many others. Bee Academic Tutoring also caters in helping them with their financial aid solutions as well as suitable scholarships.

The Los Angeles based company provides professional tutors. Students would be rest assured that the tutor assigned to assist them is highly qualified to help them out. In order to become a tutor for Bee Academic Tutoring, one must possess a Bachelor’s Degree, teaching credentials, at least two-years of teaching or one on one tutoring. Clients can be assured that the company runs a thorough background check on applicants during interviews and screenings.
Payments are generally made through Paypal.