Benefits Of Travel To Small Kids


Visiting Bangkok as a family with small kids is now easier because of the presence of family hotel in Bangkok which offers accommodations ideal for young children. Many questions about the trips that young kids are taking with their parents and some thinks that the child will not be able to remember it when they grow up.

According to Dr. Carole Peterson, a university research professor working at the Memorial University located in Newfoundland, the kid will be able to remember. Dr. Peterson focuses on children’s memory during her studies. When a child hits 7 years old, their ability to forget starts to slow down but the fact is that kids can remember what they did even before that age. Kids as young as two years old can already remember bits and pieces while three year old have great memory. There is no questioning their memory between the age of four and five.

She added that big trips are not necessary to create unforgettable memories but travel is a good way to do something unusual and vivid that is different from the child’s everyday routine. These memoriesare what stay the most. Peterson said that children don’t remember things they do everyday such as going to the park as they can’t differentiate one day from the other.

Memory resembles a muscle in the body that needs to be build up through talking about the special things the kids did. They will be able to retain special memories and telling them stories about it and how it happen can help their memory. They will be able to organize their experience through the story which is a basic in literacy. They know how to organize and once they know how to read, they will be able to create a story flow.

Parents have no way of knowing what the kids will remember the most during their travels but the meaningful moments usually lasts longer. These trips can also be a good venue for them to learn things. The advantage is that parents can book a family hotel in Bangkok and they will be accommodated as per their needs.