Bubble Wrap Company Makes A New Kind Of Bubble Wrap


There have been reports that spread wherein bubble wraps have completely lost its market. Per report from the Wall Street Journal, Sealed Air Inc., which has been in the tradition of making Bubble Wrap over the last 55 years announced recently that it will replace the product with a new kind of bubble wrap which they call iBubble Wrap. The inflated bubbles on these new product look like the traditional Bubble Wrap with one key exception: the bubbles will not pop when you press them.

Thousands of fans of the traditional Bubble Wrap took this to mean that the popable bubble wrap was going defunct. However, according to the company this was not really the case. While this news can be devastating for a lot of Bubble Wrap fans across the world, the makers of the product say that the newly designed bubble wrap comes from the cost of doing business as shipping today has become more and more costly. A single truckload of iBubble Wrap contains the same amount of material as 47 trucks that are filled with the older model of the packaging material.

After the new Sealed Air president took his place last 2012, he shuttered different Bubble Wrap factories situated in South Africa and Mexico. The year after next, the company changed its logo from series of dots to a triangle that represented a Bubble Wrap. The president for product care of the company, Ken Chrisman told the Wall Street Journal that they are considering eliminating Bubble Wrap if the sales of the packaging material will not pick up. This then led them to the creation of the new Bubble Wrap. The newly designed packaging material eliminates the burden of freight for the company.

The bulky size of the material made it very costly to ship. This meant that Sealed Air rarely sold the product to customers who were more than 150 miles from its different factories. Shipping has increasingly been expensive for retailers and manufacturers.

This news of Sealed Air would also affect the way other companies manufacturing bubble wraps would behave. Paper Mart bubble wrap has not yet reported that it will stop using this kind of packaging material.