Co-Working Is A Constant Part Of Work In The Future


Many is wondering what the work space will be like a few years from now since we are in an era where AI or Artificial Intelligence and ML or Machine Learning is starting to dominate everything we do work-wise. There is the rise of co-working spaces which is a new trend in the work space. There are many co-working offices in the world and Sky Club in Bangkok is one of the unique cases as it is located on the rooftop of a luxury hotel.

There are many uncertainties with regards to the future. Many are worried, 37% which is higher compared to 33% last 2014, that automation might lead to unemployment to many. This data is according to the report published by Future of Work. 73% of the polled population thinks otherwise because they believed that technology will never be able to function as efficiently as the human mind.

During the eight year of the Tech Sparks held last September 22, Karan Virwani who is the director of We Work in India gave a talk about Future of the Work space. The very reason that the human mind is above all technology is what fuels their belief that co-working space will remain to be a demand in the future of work space.

He explained that despite the fear of people that interactions will become scare due to the invention of robots and artificial intelligence, they are positive that the workspace is going to have a positive future because of co-working spaces.

In a few years, half of the workforce will be composed of millennials and 70% will be opting to live in the bigger cities. Karan said that it is good news for companies like them. The generation of millennials is considered to be best when it comes to sharing. They are also the reason why there are drastic changes in the usual way of working, playing, sleeping and eating. This is the generation that grew up sharing their everyday live through social media platforms thus they have been accustomed to the fact that sharing is the way of life.

This is why co-working spaces such as Sky Club in Bangkok is positive that their industry will prosper in the coming years because of the desire of the people to interact while perform work at the same time.