CompuLab Released Improved Version Of Fanless Industrial PC


CompuLab, a company based in Israel, launched their pilot model of the Airtop compact fanless computer two years ago. This is during the time when compact industrial PC rose in demand. Despite its size, it has a lot of computing power built into it. Two years later, the company is back with the second generation of the compact fanless PC, which is named Airtop2. This improved version is equipped with the newest Xeon processor from Intel and the graphics is discrete yet powerful. The system memory can store a maximum of 64 GB. The best thing about it is that it can be used in areas where the temperature is extreme.

The second generation of the compact computer was not created to be used at home but the design was specifically intended for edge computing as well as industrial environments where the surrounding is harsh. The very heart of the Airtop 2 is powered by Xeon E3-1275 v6 which is a processor made by Intel. There are four slots of DDR4 Ram with a system memory of 64 GB. The standard integrated graphics is the 4K visuals powered by Intel HD. Buyers can opt in for a graphics provided by Nvidia Quadro P4000. The industrial PC can be used in discrete operations or it can also be coupled with GPUs in order to run a number of display configurations at a single instance.

Users who wish to use non-volatile type of memory storage have two slots at their disposal. The data rate according to measurement is 3,500 MB per second and there is ample space to incorporate four SATA HDDs or SSDs that are 2.5 inches. If there is a need for higher storage performance, an additional NVM3 card can be installed on the slot intended for PCIe X16 found in the system. This has a data rate of 9,500 MB per second.

According to Yuval Sela of CompuLab, their main goal when designing the compact industrial PC Airtop2 is to have a computer runs without human supervision for an indefinite amount of time. They were able to achieve this by altering the sensitive circuits found on the motherboard.