Deadbolts Are The Key To Home Security According To Locksmiths


Security is a primary concern in the lives of many people. You can use a lot of different ways to enhance the security level of your house by getting a guard dog or adding an alarm system. But according to locksmiths Perth, the best thing to enhance security is by adding deadbolts.

If your home does not have a functioning deadbolt in its doors, then chances are you are likely to get robbed.

Metro Lock Service owner, Lance Cronk, said that deadbolts are your frontline defense and if you have faulty deadbolts in your doors, there is a very big chance that someone could easily kick the door open and illegally enter your house.

For those who don’t know, a deadbolt is a type lock that has a steel bolt extending to the door jamb and steel plates of a door frame. The single cylinder deadbolt is operated using a twist knob that is inside the door and a key for external purposes. It is the most common type of deadbolt but there is also another deadbolt that people like to use: double cylinder deadbolts. This deadbolt doesn’t have a twist knob but it requires a key on both inside and outside the house.

If you are wondering why deadbolts are so important then you should know that 59% of the 1.9 billion burglaries in the United States are caused by forced entry. 74% of these burglaries happened inside a residential property.

According to Eric Ball, a locksmith at Broad Ripple Lock, every person should have a deadbolt that has a hardened steel bolt.

If you want the deadbolt to work at its full potential, then extend it fully into the hole of the door jamb. It should be strengthened with a metal strike place. If not, then it is easy for the deadbolt to get compromised.

Ball says that it is not the door that breaks whenever someone kicks it, it’s the door frame. Unfortunately, even if you do have a deadbolt in your doors, it would still not work properly if it is not frequently used. Many people think it is easier to lock the doorknob, that’s why they forget to lock the deadbolt.

Ball agrees to this and he says that door knobs are used for convenience while deadbolts ensure security.