Desktop Workstations Versus Portable Gadgets


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You might dismiss the thought of having workstations in your office just like the then CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs. He gave a statement in 2010 that technology was about to enter the “post-PC era”. With the increasing popularity of tablets, cellular phones and smart phones, many people have turned away from considering the use of a computer desktop. Even in most businesses, companies encourage the use of tablets and laptops instead of the old fashioned desktop. There may be more sophisticated alternatives to desktop computers, however, it is undeniable that the desktop personal computer workstation still provide the most efficient and powerful tool for offices which can be acquired and operated at the least cost.

The benefit of owning a tablet or laptop instead of a desktop computer is the flexibility and the portability that it offers. You can take the gadgets to conventions, meetings and to your house without being burdened. In the type of job that you are engaged in, you need to consider whether you will be primarily using a workstation or you would also need portable gadgets to create presentations while on the road.

When you consider comfort while working, a desktop computer will offer you a more comfortable working environment as you will be seated properly and comfortably. When you opt for using a laptop especially in a place where there are no tables, you will be forced to put it on top of your knees and hunch over a screen for several hours. If you go with the portable option, you can still work on it at desks. Most laptops are now supported with keyboard and mouse and are connected to regular desktop.

Generally speaking, desktop computers are more powerful than premium laptops. Laptops are more expensive than desktop PCs. It is advantageous to use desktop workstations in that it will give you freedom to add hardware later on. Tablets do not also allow for modification of hardware, however, mobile apps are manufactured and designed with stock tablets specs.