Early Bookings Increase Amidst Currency Concerns


Holidaymakers are booking early for their holiday because they anticipate that the value of the sterling will plunge as soon as the United Kingdom initiates the process of leaving the European Union. Based on estimates, summer holidays in the Europe as well as the United States will cost an additional 15% due to the expected drop in the value of the pound after Brexit.

The number of pre-bookings to Mexico has also increased not because of currency difficulties resulting from Trump’s presidency but Mexico has always offered good value to holidaymakers. A summer holiday can be considered as one of the biggest expenses of a family and holidaymakers are keeping a close eye on currency movements. People who are planning for a summer holiday understand that the value of the sterling will impact heavily on the cost of their holiday.

Since June of last year, the sterling has fallen against the dollar and there are concerns that the value of the sterling will continue to fall following the triggering of Article 50, the formal mechanism to leave the EU. According to Adam Walsh of Interhome UK, he is concerned that further devaluations will result into an increase in advanced bookings.

Normally, people only book for summer holidays after the New Year but Interhome has experienced a large number of advance bookings since August. After the New Year, there was a 50% increase over the 2015 figures on summer bookings.

Similar to the UK, Mexico is also experiencing currency concerns because of Trump’s electoral threats on higher tariffs and immigration restrictions however, it ranks 5th in popular searches. Advance bookings to Greece have also increased because it has a better safety record in terms of terrorist’s attacks unlike other countries like France, Germany, Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey.

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