Electrician Program Offered By GBC Receives Recognition


Great Basin College is offering a program called Electrical Systems Technology and it was recently recognized by the Community for Accredited Online Schools for being one of the leading electrician programs in the country.

The website where the recognition is posted can be found at www.accreditedschoolsonline.org and it has published its yearly ranking for the school year 2016 to 2017. Great Basin College was ranked as the second of all the colleges and universities that offer four year courses.

According to the Community for Accredited Online Schools’ CEO and founder, Doug Jones, they aim to put to the spotlight schools such as Great Basin College because they are striving to give their students the excellent education they deserve. These colleges are example of exceptional educational experience, they uphold very high standards when it comes to accreditation and the overall desire to reach the optimum success of the students is evident.

Colleges that are qualified for the ranking must either be public or private with a non-profit status and they must have the required institutional accreditation. The top schools are chosen based on a methodology that is based on values with over a dozen data points used as reference in both qualitative and quantitative aspect.

The website also states that the GBC’s electrical program was recognized because of the ratio between students and teachers, the rate of graduating students, the fees and tuitions the students have to pay, the services offered during job placement, the experience credit awarded as well as services given for counselling.

GBC is currently open for students who are aiming to get a certificate in Electrical Systems Technology as well as an associate degree. Majority of the electrical students are signing up as inters within the community while they are continuing their education. Students are able to get their certificate or degree within one to two years which depends on the path of study they choose.

According to the dean of Business and Technology in GBC, Bret Murphy, employed electricians will have the chance to earn a college credit following a work experience while they complete online hybrid courses that will eventually lead to a certificate or degree. Perth electrician also has the opportunity to take online courses that will widen their knowledge and specialty.