Ex-Owner Of A Drug Rehab Received Conviction


Christopher Bathum used to be the owner of over a dozen drug rehab and treatment facilities in Southland. He recently received a conviction with a total of 31 different criminal charges. Some of the charges are sexual assault, providing controlled substances to patients and exploiting seven individuals enrolled in the facilities. These convictions gave a bad name to Los Angeles luxury rehab and other legally operating facilities.

The 56 years old was acquitted by the panel from 12 counts while he was deadlocked for three other charges. Bathum used to operate 13 rehab and treatment facilities all over Los Angeles as well as Orange counties. He also has centers located in Colorado State.

After reading the first verdict wherein he was found to be guilty of committing forcible rape, a woman inside the courtroom rejoiced loudly by clapping and started crying after. Another guilty verdict was awarded to Bathum for another rape count but this time it was done through force of fear. He was also guilty of forcing two people to do oral copulation while he was also convicted of two counts of sexual penetration using foreign object. These convictions are all charged by a single person.

The panel is composed of five men and seven women. They were given 24 hours before awarding the verdicts. Factual allegations were also revealed to prove that he was exploiting a number of victims sexually which gave the panel the permission to settle with an enhanced sentence.

Bathum also received 11 acquittals from the jurors which are charges of sexual exploitation and he was also found not guilty of one count of providing controlled substance, specifically methamphetamine, to a patient.

A motions hearing was already set for the 17th of April as ordered by Judge Charlaine F. Olmedo who is appointed in the superior court of Los Angeles. The sentencing date will be decided on the same day. It is estimated that Bathum will receive a maximum sentence of around 65 years inside the state prison and his name will always be listed on the sex offender registration. This case is a warning to all rehab facility owners as well as Los Angeles luxury rehab and is a proof that patients are protected by the law.