Explaining the Boom of the Ugly Christmas Sweater


The ugly Christmas sweater is adorned with outrageous Christmas ornaments and breaks every sacred tenet in the fashion world. The uglier it is the better.

Even high end retailers like the H&M and the Bloomingdale’s are into this craze and are displaying in their catalogs and windows ugly Christmas sweaters.

Why has the ugly Christmas sweater become so popular today?

– One writer at the Wall Street Journal accounts the popularity to the ironic humor and nostalgia that the sweaters bring. The Christmas sweater has become a mass market hit during the 1980s. From a mere homespun treasure, it has made its way to the market and has raked in millions of profits for the small and medium size businessmen. The employee at the Wall Street Journal attributed to the success of ugly sweaters partly because it conjures the memories of grandma and the sweater can be associated with holiday nostalgic experiences.

– Andrea Simakis of the Cleveland Plain Dealer attributed the success of ugly Christmas sweaters to the trend of adults imitating the younger generation. Today, the festive apparels that are made in China are once again chic, thanks to the coolness of college and high school students making this stuff up.

– The rise of ugly sweaters can be attributed to the ever growing popularity of the ugly sweater parties. The Christmas sweater was created a long time ago and has a very long history. It could be dated back to the early 1950s where the commercialization of Christmas started. However, the ugly sweaters are making a comeback now and there are lots of people and corporations that hold ugly sweater parties to keep the tradition in full swing. The outrageous looking costumes in parties have continued year after year because it gives a taste of the other side of people. It allows them to let their guards down.

– There are several online companies that have sold thousands of ugly Christmas sweaters, thanks to the web traffic courtesy of the Google AdWords clicks. Companies attribute the success of ugly sweaters to Google as it fuels the thirst of people when searching for these sweaters.