Factors Behind The Ongoing Changes In The Funeral Industry Of Japan


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By all indications, the funeral industry in Japan is embracing technology to introduce new types of funeral services. It is very apparent that non-traditional funeral rites are getting popular from scattering cremated in the sea to creating cremation jewellery from the ashes of the deceased. In Japan, people deal with funeral rituals through technology in the likes of sutra-chanting humanoid robots and automated cemeteries.

There are different factors that are behind the ongoing changes in the funeral business but the major factor is still demographics. The low birth-rate in Japan is the reason for small-sized families while the aging population has given rise to households of single elderly Japanese. Rural to urban migration has caused increases in city’s populations like Tokyo.

Funerals are also expensive costing an average of¥2 million. Similarly, burial plots are pricey particularly in the crowded city of Tokyo. Traditionally, at least 90% of funerals in Japan are held inside Buddhist temples but since communities are dwindling, the temples lack the patrons that support its upkeep. This is the reason why more and more Japanese are looking for cheaper and more convenient options.

According to the Yano Research Institute, the funeral industry of Japan earned ¥1.7 trillion in revenue in 2013. The funeral industry is faced with growing competition from an increasing number of players because of the lack of legal regulations. The demand for funeral services including religious services that used to be provided in the temples is expected to keep on rising.

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