Fanatics Seize A Precious Moment In Sports


A significant number of fans watches their favourite athletes play in stadiums wearing T-shirts that look exactly like those of the athletes. This is possible because there are vendors of sports clothing and merchandise like NRL store in Melbourne that makes the shopping experience simple, easy and convenient.

Last fall, some of the corporate partners of NFL were anxious with the way the league handled players who knelt during the national anthem. Alejandro Villanueva, the offensive lineman of Pittsburgh Steelers stood for the anthem while the rest of the team chose to stay in the locker room. Villanueva’s name begun trending on Twitter and Fanatics, a sports merchandise company immediately took advantage of the opportunity.

Fanatics posted a rendering of Villanueva’s Number 78 jersey on their website and on the NFL online store it operates. Sales instantly skyrocketed and Fanatic’s manufacturing facilities in Kentucky and Florida had to hurry up and press Villanueva’s name and number into thousands of Pittsburgh jerseys to be shipped out the next day. Villanueva who has never caught a pass or scored a touchdown had an NFL jersey that became an overnight success.

According to Michael Rubin, the company’s chairman and principal owner, they have to seize the moment because after a week the enthusiasm will be mostly over. Rubin also said that such moments frequently happen in sports. Apparel companies have to be in a good position to meet the surge in demand when a player reaches a milestone, when there is a breakout performance and when a player is traded to another team.

Fanatics is curving out a lucrative niche in the industry that is known for competitiveness and Amazon’s dominance. Last year, when the Chicago Cubs won the World Series, Fanatics has to use Uber to deliver the championship merchandise to fans within minutes of ordering.

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