Ferry From Pattaya To Hua Hin Now Open


It was in February this year when the ferry service that travels between Pattaya and Hua Hin was opened officially to the general public. The opening was supposed to be in January but because of the bad weather conditions, it was delayed a month later. Tourists that are visiting Pattaya can proceed and book a pool villa in Hua Hin because it is now more convenient to travel between these districts.

The launching event was spearheaded by the transport minister, ArkhomTermpittayapaisith. The ferry service is the very first to be able to provide a sea transport in the Gulf of Thailand. With the launching of the ferry, there is now a bridge between the Southern part of Pattaya and Hua Hin. The ferry departs from Bali Hali pier located in the southern part of Pattaya and it arrives at PrachuapKhiri Khan which is a province found in Hua Hin.

During the event, over 200 members of the media as well as guests came to witness the launching of the ferry service. Mario Maurer, a superstar in Thailand, together with DavikaHoorne came to the launching as well.

Mr. Arkhom said that the project was started as an answer to the policy proposed by the Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha that aims to promote the water transport in the country. This is to connect the west and east side of the Gulf of Thailand.

With the ferry service, locals and tourists alike will have another option of transportation and it is expected that the tourism industry of the coastal provinces will have a higher value.

The trip between the piers in KhaoTakiablocated in Hua Hin going to Pattaya is around 113 kilometers. The operation of the ferry service is provided by the Royal Passenger Liner Ltd.

Guests who are planning to book a pool villa in Hua Hin can visit Pattaya on board the catamaran with double decks. It can carry a maximum of 286 passengers in the economy section and 44 seats in the business class. There is also two VIP rooms available that can accommodate eight persons each. The economy seat is worth 1,250 baht.