Five Top Tips By Experts To Maintain Your Car In Good Condition


Owning  a new car feels great. But it is crucial to undertake regular service and maintenance of the car to ensure it looks great and functions effectively for long duration. Proper maintenance of the car helps the owners to increase its lifetime, improve the curb value of the car, increase the fuel efficiency and reduce the repairing costs.

Here are some of the simple car care tips to enhance its life and prevent major repairs.

  1. The important but most neglected tip for car care is to follow the car manual religiously. No one knows the service requirements of the car more than its manufacturer. Following the manual helps to extend the lifetime of the vehicle and also helps in avoiding major troubles. The user’s manual of the car contains detailed notes and instructions regarding the service and repairs of different crucial auto parts, like engine, tyres, engine oil and its recommended levels, different fluids and their levels, tyre pressure etc. insist your mechanic to follow the manual for repairs and replacements.
  2. Pay close attention to the car. This will help you to identify minor defects or problems. Identifying the problems at early stages will help in preventing major breakdowns and repairs at later stages. Pay close attention to every noise and shake or any other irregular functioning of the car. Consult your local mechanic for minor repairs and replace any worn out parts with genuine auto parts recommended by manufacturer.
  3. Check the important auto parts like fluids, belts, hoses, batteries and exhaust systems regularly. Measure the levels of the fluids regularly and top them whenever required. Consult the user manual of the car for appropriate levels of different fluids. Maintain the parts is essential to keep engine functioning effectively for longer durations.
  4. Keep the interiors and exteriors of the car clean and tidy. Wash the car with a car shampoo every week to remove the dirt, grime and dust. Vacuum the interiors of the car and wash the floor mats and seat covers to remove any stains and spills. This helps you to maintain the hygiene inside the car and also enhance the aesthetic appeal and curb value of the car.
  5. Buy all the accessories and auto parts from a trusted dealer who provides warranties. This will ensure peace of mind and enhances the efficiency of the vehicle.