Highest Level Of Growth Experienced By Self Storage In Europe


If you are looking for a place to stash belongings when moving home, the best solution is cheap storage Campbelltown, a useful and flexible way to store stuff. Self storage is the to-go solution for businesses in Europe that are challenged by lack of space. In the last year alone, the number of self storage facilities in Europe increased by more than 500 to reach a total of 3,247.

The highest levels of growth are being enjoyed by self storage facilities in established markets like the UK, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden. The demand of the domestic side is driven partly by the rapid rates of urbanization in Europe resulting into families living in smaller properties. At least 60% of consumers are composed of domestic users who are moving to their home country, moving abroad or getting a divorce.

For example, in Sweden 47% of the population living in cities has moved properties in the last 5 years. In the commercial side, most particularly in the UK, small businesses that include eBay retailers and construction firms consider self storage as a better solution to gain extra space. Businesses can easily increase or decrease the amount of space rented. Self storage is also very convenient solution for seasonal businesses.

Self storage facilities have become eco-friendly and sustainable by installing green roofs and solar panels. Aside from sustainability and size, operators of self storage gain maximum visibility by choosing locations in big intersections. Operators in less than prime areas manage to gain online visibility through the internet.

Meanwhile, providers of self storage use technology to stay ahead of the competition. Years ago, facilities require at least 3 fulltime staff but nowadays, customers can gain access to the building through their smartphones. Technology allows smaller storage facilities to run virtually unmanned.

Because of the growth in the self storage industry, it is considered as a good investment with attractive yields and good returns. Demand for cheap storage Campbelltown is robust and awareness is rising making it a highly positive investment opportunity. Most of the businesses received come from referrals and repeat customers that are satisfied with the cheap, reliable and secure service.