Honda Celebrates 5 Million Motorcycles Produced In Malaysia


Malaysia’s Honda Motor Co. is currently celebrating a milestone because they have produced more than 5 million units of motorcycle in the country. This is their yield for being in the business in Malaysia for 60 years. The company, together with Honda motorcycle dealers, is hoping to increase their sales even more by releasing models that are environmental friendly.

Honda has an existing joint venture with a local huge corporation Boon Siew Honda. In an announcement made at an event at Batu Kawan located at the northwest state called Penang, the Japanese company shared their plan to reach 6 million units when 2023 comes.

Honda is known to be the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world and they entered the Malaysian market in 1957 through Penang. It was in 1969 when they first manufactured in the country made possible with a local partnership with Loh Boon Siew.

The main purpose of the joint venture was to combine the sales as well as production. The Japanese company holds 51 per cent while Oriental owns the remaining of the stake.

In 2013, they constructed a new factory located in Batu Kawan which utilized the latest processes in production. The cost of the structure was 200 million Malaysian ringgit or equivalent to $49 million.

Boon Siew Honda is the very first motorcycle manufacturer in Malaysia that received the necessary certification to one of Honda’s models in 2016 which falls right in with the goal of the country to be a regional hub when it comes to production of vehicles that are energy-efficient. From then on, five models have already been given the certificate for being energy-efficient.

The joint venture’s managing director, Nobuhide Nagata, said that the company’s goal is to increase the ratio of models that are low-fuel in order to meet the existing government standard. They plan to make 81 per cent of all their motorcycle yields to be low-fuel by 2020 which is higher compared to 75 per cent for this year.

The locals as well as Honda motorcycle dealers in the country prefers the brand because according to them it is not only durable but the price in the market is very reasonable.