Hotel Features To Look For In A Long Stay Residence In Bangkok


There are several benefits when you opt for a long stay residence in Bangkok during holidays or when you need a temporary home before you move to a permanent dwelling place in Thailand. One of the benefits of choosing long stay is that you can have the apartment or your preferred room at a much lower rate compared to booking a room on a daily basis. You also get utmost convenience since you would be staying in a posh hotel but at a much affordable rate. When looking for a hotel where you can stay longer around Bangkok, look for the following features to have a more comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Best special offers

One secret to get the best deals in a long stay residence in Bangkok is to have your booking straight at the hotel’s website instead of having it at third party sites. Official websites offer more deals and special offers and they have the capacity to stretch their offers or have their rates and accommodation more flexible in order to cater to their guests better. They can offer free upgrades, discounts on room rates, discount on food and drinks and spa treatment offers, among others.   There are also hotels that offer secret or exclusive deals to guests who contact the hotels instead of booking at third-party sites.

More perks

When you book longer in a hotel, you get more privileges such as early check in or late check out although, this can be subjected to room availability. Still, you get more advantages than ordinary or short staying guests.

Excellent location

Look for a long stay residence in Bangkok with excellent location. This means that the hotel should be located at the heart of Bangkok where major transportations are not an issue and also where restaurants, shopping malls and entertainment areas are highly accessible. This way, you won’t have to worry whenever you need items since you can easily find convenience stores and you can easily get you and your family entertained with all the establishments around.