How A Man Lost His £5,000 Deposit For A Hiring A Ferrari For His Wedding


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A £210,000 Ferrari was rented by a man for his wedding but unfortunately, it crashed into a house and eventually ended up under a taxi. Nobody was hurt when the red and grey 450 Italia Ferrari sports car with a top speed of 202 mph smashed into the terrace of a house in Luton. The driver was not named but he certainly lost his deposit of £5,000 after the insurance company declared the sports car as a write off in just 3 minutes.

Prestige Lifestyle is the owner of the Ferrari that was destroyed. In fact, the sports car only had 4,600 miles on the clock. Co-owner Jamie Ford, 26, from Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex was devastated when he saw the condition of the smashed car. They can deal with scratches and dents but not the kind of wreckage the car went through. The driver had really done a good job of crashing the car and writing it off.

Jamie wishes for people to have more respect for super cars because they are not invincible. Even the most expensive Ferraris in the world can be damaged on a crash. The accident which also involved a Vauxhall Astra occurred at about 7 in the evening in a residential street in Luton, Bedfordshire on a Sunday. According to Jamie, a 29-year old man hired the sports car from their depot at Shoreham-by-Sea on a Thursday and it was supposed to be returned on Monday but sadly the super car cannot be returned because it was already a total wreck.

On top of the £5,000 deposit, the man also paid £850 a day for the 1964 plate motor which he said was going to be used only for the wedding. The Bedfordshire police have not made any arrests.