How Display Homes Fair These Days


Display homes for sale are attractive investments for most investors. According to surveys in Australia, many investors have been shifting to buying display homes for sale in that the return could be as much as 7 to 8 percent.

Despite the threat in the momentary curtailing of the momentum in home market buying, opportunities still exist for display home buying. In Australia, new home approvals peaked at a rate of 16,000 per month in the national level. The numbers dwindled down for sometime but it had also begun to pick up momentum and last year, it set new record highs. This slow down though did not prevent the market of display homes to stutter and decline. This particular niche in the real estate business continues to thrive.

The executive director of the Housing Industry Association in Sydney, Australia says that on an average year, New South Wales produces at least 45,000 new houses. However, this figure declined sharply to almost 33,000 houses only a year.

What should investors do? It is to the investor’s advantage to register their interest directly to individual builders or even to real estate agents that sell these display homes. There are certain real estate agencies that have a database of buyers interested in investing in display homes.

Display homes sell very fast. On the part of the real estate builder, it would be better if they these off the plan. This option is also good for the buyer in that he will get stamp duty savings. In most cases, almost half of the display homes are sold before the builder actually lays a foundation on the site’s soil. The successful buyers come in early.

Most investors are cheeky and usually would demand if the display homes are sold with a leaseback option. If you came in early, then you will have all of the options laid down at the table. However, if came in late, you are left with no other option but to go with the other half. Still, it would be important to at least write your name on the list of those interested to buy display homes. This way, your name will come up in the database of interested buyers. Some builders will look through these databases and contact the people in the list.