How Land Vac Helps Create A Quieter Home Environment


One of the latest products created by LandGlass is a 100 per cent vacuum insulated glass which is fully tempered and it was installed among high-end residential properties located in Zibo, Shandong. This new innovation is basically a sound proof glass with more features. Homeowners are quite in awe of the performance of the insulated glass when it comes to suppressing noise and contributing in saving energy.

Urban areas are now considered to be prime locations when it comes to residential and commercial establishments. It comes without saying that these properties have to compromise when I comes to noise because it is a normal part of the urban surrounding. The problem is the noise pollution eventually impacts negatively on the health of the residents and the well-being of the locals in general.

This is why many companies are looking for solutions on how to counter noise disturbance. Moden constructions employ insulated glass in order to reduce the noise while high-rise buildings prefer to install glass panes that are either double or triple. In between are dry gas gases and frames made with aluminum alloy are used as seal.

It was later found out that gas can be a medium in transmitting sound thus insulated glass is not considered to be the best solution in areas where there is high level of noise pollution.

This is where the vacuum insulated glass comes in because there is minimal gas medium present which is perfect for sound proofing. This is an alternative that is better compared to any types of insulating glass.

Furthermore, vacuum insulated glass has a higher thermal insulation in comparison to insulated glass with multiple layers.

The recent installation in the Zhangdian community proves the effectiveness of the vacuum insulated glass. It is a neighborhood that was constructed adjacent to the main road thus accessible to facilities. This is the reason why the prices of properties in the area are quite high. The average price for every square meter in the area is more than 10,000 Yuan.

The ideal place comes with a downside because of the noise brought about by ongoing constructions in the area. There is a large shopping centre being built just across the road. Ms. Zhang, one of the residents, asked a professional and they advised her to change the glass on her balcony window that is on the street side. LandVac was used as a sound proof glass replacement and it was coated with a gray film called Blue Star Glass.