How Shopping For Engagement Rings Is Changing


A few years back, picking the perfect engagement ring only required asking lesser questions: emerald or princess cut? yellow or white gold? More often, it was also the groom making the choices.

Today, aside from a lot of couples picking out rings together, they also divide the cost. With this, millennials are delaying marriage for later, and based from a new report, people are no longer spending too much on engagement rings.

The couples in 2016 may not have more extra cash, but this indicates a shift in preferences and styles. Several women are purchasing smaller and less expensive diamonds; some go with gemstones or the plain bands.

The shift in preferences and styles

According to Jess Hannah, the founder of J.Hannah, a jewellery line based in Los Angeles, there is already lesser pressure to owning a showy ring. For her, currently, a ring is an extension of personal style. She loves that women are more empowered to pick the non-traditional jewellery store mould and to look for something that is important to them in personal levels. The work of Hannah is quite minimal having hints of vintage, which are inspired by her grandmother’s jewellery collection.

Other brides also contact Hannah for her bespoke rings. Hannah explained that custom is more special. She added that many people want something between modern and vintage. They appreciate quality than size, or they want a different shape. Many are also doing away with diamonds.

Same with Hannah, Baylee Zwart’s engagement rings are minimal in a different way. The Azlee pieces are ultralight, geometric and sleek. Grooms, as well as brides or couples, go to her for sharp and modern rings. According to her, people want timeless engagement rings, aside from them being relevant and fashionable.

Anna Bario and Page Neal, designers from Bario Neal, acquire a huge following due to their delicate, unique designs, as well as their meticulous ethical standards. They searched rigorously for mines and suppliers that are able to prove that their metals, diamonds and gemstones are sourced sustainably, aside from being traceable coming from mine to the market.


Regardless if those are princess cut engagement rings or bespoke engagement rings, it still boils down to preference and style.