How To Choose The Right HCG Supplement


There are several weight loss supplements in the market today. There are those that come in healthy shake, pills, tea, snack bars, drinks and all other forms that you can possibly think of. One of the most popular supplements nowadays is HCG supplement. HCG means Human Chorionic Gonadotripin hormone. It is a natural hormone found among pregnant women and is proven safe and effective in pulling excessive weight down and in eliminating extra body fats. This type of weight loss supplements come in a variety of forms. Here are three of the most popular forms of HCG supplements and their information.

HCG pills

HCG pills can be purchased over the counter and without any prescription required. The pill contains a small amount of diluted HCG and is also recommended to take along with a low carb diet for more favorable results. While this can also be effective, HCG pills may have its share of challenges to those who have difficulty in swallowing tablets and for those with throat issues.

HCG injectables

Another popular HCG supplement is administrated through injection. While this is equally effective with the drops form, this cannot be administrated personally. You have to go to a clinic and have a professional inject the supplement to you and this can be inconvenient and time consuming. An injectable HCG supplement is also more expensive compared to products in drops form. It is also recommended to consult your doctor first prior to taking any HCG supplements especially if you intend to take the hormone in injection form.

HCG drops

Lastly, HCG in drop form is also widely available in the market today. The good thing about this type of HCG supplement is that you can take it personally without the need of a professional health service, making your weight loss process a convenient one. It also gets to your system painlessly and speedily by placing the hormone drops under your tongue. Wait for 60 seconds before swallowing the remaining liquid in your mouth. HCG drops are also affordable without compromising its efficacy and potency.