How To Measure The Performance Of Out-Of-Home Advertising


Out-of-home advertising is a type of advertising that reaches consumers when they are outside their homes. The focus of out-of-home advertising is to promote products and services to consumers when they are in public places, in transit and even while waiting in the doctor’s office. One of the more popular examples of out-of-home advertising is signage installed along streets, highways and roads.

However, how can a marketer measure the performance and campaign delivery of an out-of-home advertising? Seedooh which was founded by former private consultant, Tom Richter will automatically verify the performance of out-of-home advertising like signage, billboards and screens that are installed in shopping malls. An idea on its effectiveness will be provided through an assessment of relevant data like foot traffic generated by the signage.

The advertising needs an accurate way of measuring performance like Seedooh because as Facebook has admitted recently, there are bugs in advertising metrics. Historically, it has always been difficult to track the effectiveness of out-of-home advertising compared to print, TV ads and online marketing strategies.

If data from out-of-home advertising is standardized, marketers will gain an accurate picture of their marketing campaign. They will have the ability to share data with the supply chain through an automated process. Seedooh is not an out-of-the-box solution because it highly dependent on the enterprise. Marketers must take a closer look at aggregate business systems which are running on a connected context before they can implement Seedooh.

According to figures released by Commercial Economic Advisory Service of Australia, the out-of-home market has experienced the 7th consecutive year of revenue growth in Australia by at least 15.8% to a record high of $789.5 million in 2016. Seedooh expects that the out-of-home will keep on growing because of the increased presence of digital signage; however, it is important to gather data to determine the fullest potential of out-of-home advertising.

A business can immediately gain an impression from its target audience through signage in Sydney Inner West. The type of signage and the way it is positioned in the store can make a big difference between a first impression and something that a passerby that will just notice for a moment before moving away.