How To Start A Pest Control In Sydney


Congrats, so you’ve finally decided to start a pest control in Sydney business. This type of business can make you earn more profits. Before you start the campaign against pests in Sydney’s Inner West, it is important to secure documents to prove you are qualified to operate, and that you have a business structure and procedure in place. The risks of the services must be properly managed, especially that you are handling potentially harmful chemicals.


Every pest technician working for a pest control in Sydney must have a licence provided by the NSW Environment and Protection Authority or EPA. You must be aged 18 and above and have finished training in pest management from an authorised training centre. Once you complete the course, you receive the Pest Management Licence. It will assure customers that you are aware of government laws and can be covered with insurance for the pest control services.

Compliance with the Law

If you open a pest control business or work as a pest technician, you involve risks in what you do. You need to abide with the EPA specifications and perform responsibilities to protectpeople and animals exposed to the treatments. You need to inform people that they can be exposed to pesticides. It’s very important especially if you treat many residential complexes.

After the treatment, the pest control in Sydney will require their technicians to record the pesticides used; the areas where they were applied; and the amount of concentration used. This is important just in case there is accidental poisoning and one needs to manage the risk.

Providing a Safe Workplace

If the chosen pest control in Sydney is your business, you should be responsible for all your staff and clients. You need to provide a drafted employee handbook in compliance with the Safe Work Australia laws. This will protect the workers from accidents happening in the workplace, as dealing with pesticides involve risks, which must be handled appropriately.

So, What Now?

If you want your business to improve, you need to provide a business structure. Having an employee handbook will manage your relationship with employees, and a client agreement will ensure your rights and responsibilities toward your customers. This then will assure there is a pest free environment around.