How You Can Obtain Health Insurance In Thailand


Thailand is famous for its warm weather and white sandy beaches. Many tourists and expats come to this popular destination for probably a permanent relocation. When traveling or relocating abroad, you need to consider details like health insurance in Thailand to ensure your medical services can be funded. If you prefer private care, this will need higher fees for better services.

The Type of Healthcare System Thailand Has?

In Thailand, the health department is responsible for funding government hospitals and public health services. The public facility however provides high quality medical service, which makes government hospitals overcrowded. With such huge number of people, you will have to wait longer for your turn.

If you are relocating for work, the health insurance in Thailand can accommodate you through social security. However, if you are a tourist in Thailand, you shoulder your medical expenses or utilize a private health insurance.

Many people prefer to be in private hospitals for immediate attention. The private hospitals in Thailand provide world-class care like the Bumrungrad International, with its special private wings and doctors and staff who can speak fluent English.

Why the Need for Health Insurance?

Thailand requires all its workers to be covered by insurance. Each employed person in the country is mandated to contribute at least 5% of their monthly income to social security. This is enough to cover public healthcare. If you are not a worker of this country, you have to pay for your medical service or probably resort to health insurance.

In this country, there is no law stipulating that you should go without health insurance. It’s actually recommended for those wanting a coverage so they don’t have to pay exuberant medical bills from their pockets.

How to Sign Up for Medical Insurance?

The social security office provides access to public healthcare system when working in Thailand. If you opt to be covered by private insurance, you can visit providers on how application is done. You also need to provide information about your medical history.

The local banks provide you access to local health insurance in Thailand too. There are a few banks that can provide inexpensive insurance than what most providers do. However, if you are a foreigner, you may need to present a valid working visa and will have to wait 30-days prior to seeing a doctor.