HTML5 – Take Full Control Of Your Business


At the Linn Academy event in reading, the soft launch of was announced by LinnSystems CEO Fedor Dzjuba. The major update to the Linnworks Desktop client makes it the next generation online automation software that combines the power of a desktop application with web-based technology. This major update allows customers to take control of their businesses particularly when they are starting an ecommerce site.

Linnworks Desktop client promises businesses time saving, growth in their market and a reduction in cost while allowing users to track everything on-screen with the software taking care of routine tasks. With the latest HTML5 and Web API technologies, customers can expect super high speed from the desktop version without any slowing down even during peak times and super high loads.

HTML5 is an upgraded version of the original HTML standard that was created in 1990 through the World Wide Web Consortium to be able to define an Open Web Platform. HTML5 is the language that meets the increasing demands of rich media, cross-device and mobile internet access requirements.

Fully responsive is now accessible in all major browsers and devices with everything that a customer expects in running an ecommerce business through a simple system. The new web-based software provides channel integration to courier automation so that an ecommerce business can sync, update, edit and fulfill dozens of orders on the online marketplace in real time which makes multi-channel selling a breeze.

Because it is fully responsive, the new software version works beautifully on iOS and Android devices as well as tablet computers. Users of mobile devices enjoy all the functions they need because the new software version is a robust multi-channel platform that is integrated with majority of ecommerce channels that are used globally. Online sellers of any size can streamline their online selling strategies into one system so that automation can handle the tedious task of day-to-day order management.

If you are new to online business, HTML5 Online Product Designer is your best bet to manage order management, inventory control, shipping processing and product listing across the ever-increasing online marketplace. Be among the thousands of startups that are now enjoying the benefits of HTML5.