Important Factors In Choosing A Branding Agency In Thailand


With the stiff competition in lifestyle and hospitality industry, it is understandable why hotel owners consult reputable branding agency in Thailand to assist them in boosting their popularity and conversion. If you are planning to hire a marketing team to re-launch your brand or open a branch, choose a reliable marketing consultancy firm that will not only put your brand out there, they will also help you in reaching your market goals. Here are some qualities that you may want to check from a branding agency.


You can easily spot a professional team by the way they deal with you. Before you sign a deal with the branding agency in Thailand, take notice on how prompt they are in responding to your emails and how punctual they are on your scheduled meeting.  Take note also on how eloquent and thorough they are in explaining concepts with you and if they listen to you or ask relevant questions to you. Branding efforts can last for a few weeks to months so it is important that you feel at ease with the person or team that you will be dealing with.

Fresh branding approach

Hotels have different branding and marketing needs. It is essential for the agency to provide a unique and fresh approach to your needs and issues. If they offer exact strategies and solutions that they have used in their other clients, it should be a red flag for you. A fresh approach in handling branding methods can only be derived out of studying the hotel’s marketing needs and also out of the expertise of the branding agency. Choose a consultancy firm that has helped in successful branding operations of huge international and local hotels in Thailand.

Well-rounded expertise

Aside from providing branding services, it would also be best to hire a branding agency in Thailand that offers a variety of related marketing services to their prospects. Some of the important related services that you can also obtain from a branding agency is marketing analysis, online strategy, direct marketing and market positioning, to name a few.