Is Intensive In-Patient Rehabilitation Really The Best Way To Cure Addictions And Afflications?


People who have suffered from addiction to alcohol or drug abuse are generally recommended to go for rehabilitation. But they face doubts not knowing which type of rehab center to visit. The problem is similar for people who have experienced a traumatizing illness or accident. There are two types of rehab centers that people could go to. One is the outpatient center where patients will be admitted but will live out of the campus boundaries of the center. This gives them the freedom to pursue their addictive interests, but the individual must be strong enough to not let themselves be brought down by the addiction. The second type is the inpatient center which is generally considered the best rehab center in the world. Patients will need to spend a lot of their time on the campus and intensive care is taken for each individual allowing them to claw their way back into a life of normalcy.

The most intensive form of inpatient rehabilitation is the acute inpatient rehab unit where the services are administered for the individual throughout the course of the day for around 5 days in the week. Experts from various fields such as rehab nursing, rehab medicine, physical therapy, speech therapy and also a therapeutic type of recreation come and coach and cure the individuals. Each expert will determine the weakness of the individual in their particular field and subsequently try to heal them. In this way acute inpatient rehab lead to the birth of some centers that are the best rehab centers ever made. Some of them require patients to sit in at the program and participate for at least 3 hours a day for five days a week. Others require them to take a break from their full-time jobs and spend more time in the rehab centers.

The teams of experts will tend to meet together with their individual reports to try and assess the quality of the patient’s rehabilitation and the progress they have made. Generally a patient will need to spend from seven days up to 4 weeks at the rehab center depending on the type of addiction or affliction.