Japan Approves $42 billion Military Budget


With the rising power of China’s military forces, Japan proposed a $42 Billion military budget. This record high military budget was approved by Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe.

Turmoil in Asia

According to the leaders in Japan, China should not be underestimated. The Asian giant has continuously been upgrading its military facilities and has conducted grueling training on its soldiers. Who knows what their plan of attack next is? It is better to be prepared.

It can be recalled that the Chinese government was in the hot seat a couple of times in the past 2 years. They were involved in several territorial claims. Among the countries that they rubbed off against were the Philippines and Vietnam. The Chinese claimed islands inside the territories of the Philippines and Vietnam. Without any hesitations, they started constructing factory or buildings on the islands and Chinese fishermen took advantage of the rich marine life on the seas of the islands. The Chinese favored the islands for these were rich in natural resources. A country with growing population could only look for other means of supplying their demands. However, this move of the Chinese government was way below the belt.

Although unrelated to the tension at sea, it should be noted that other Asian countries such as the Philippines have helped Chinese in conquering the global market. Through English online tutoring services, Filipinos lend them a hand in learning the global language. This in turn has helped the new generation be adept in international business and has helped boost their economy.

What the budget is for

The new budget gives a raise of 2.8 percent in military defense spending. The new 4.98 trillion yen budget is targeted to buy advanced military planes, naval vessels and combat vehicles. These new military supplies will help in the patrolling and guarding of the waters that borders China. It can be recalled that last year, Japan was threatened by the sight of Chinese military naval vessels cruising their waters. There was unpleasant exchange of words from both sides.

Japan hopes that with the upgraded military system, they will be able to defend their country well and preserve their territorial space.