Japanese Tourism Breaks 12-Year Slump For Cairns


With the rising popularity of Japanese ski resorts, tourism to and from the country is reinvigorating tourism in several cities. For those looking to Book for the next ski season, Japan is becoming a more common option.

Cairns Airport is one of the major entryways for travelers heading for the white slopes of Japan, and as a result, the city has a notable interest in the tourism of Japan. With the number of travelers from Cairns Airport, the tourism scene from Japan has reinvigorate the tourism in Cairns.

The monthly visitor statistics for the month of March show an interesting number: 32,880 passengers flew through Cairns on the way to Tokyo and Osaka, a notable number due to breaking the 12-year record that was set outside the usual holiday peak season around August. Visitors from Japan are now visiting the Far North, and enjoying their attractions.

The growth brought to Australia was brought as part of the growth brought to Japan via the Cairns Airport route. The boom in Japanese tourism allowed by Australian airways have created a mutually beneficial scenario for both countries. Australian tourists are now travelling to Japan, enjoying the sights and scenery, with far greater frequency than before.

Alex de Waal, Chief Executive for North Queensland’s Tourism Tropical, stated that these recent developments came about due to recent global financial conditions, as well as the recent fear of terror attacks in Europe. He states that Cairns in now a major destination, one worthy of visiting.

The number of tourist destinations competing with Japan has seen a massive increase since the 1990s, and a number of key individuals have pointed out that the Japanese market is an opportunity waiting to be taken advantage. A lot of people are now looking to Japan to book for the next ski season, and it would seem that taking that into account could be a decision that can work wonders for the global tourism scene.

Recent data released by the Cairns Airport show that Auckland and Cairns flights will book over 44,500 seats, showing a marked increase of 11 percent since 2016.