Jewelry Business Launched By A Headingley Mom


One might think that hammers are used for heavy construction and carpentry but a mother from Headingly changes this perception by using these hammers and creating necklace charms that are not only delicate looking but also very dainty. The jewelry maker mom, Lisa Krishka, creates necklaces as well as other kinds of jewelry items which she sells online in her online business site. These jewelries are personalized and given much care and though in making inside her home in Headingley.

Krishka reveals that what she like making the most are jewelries that will serve as keepsake and deserved to be taken care of and cherished. All her creations are personalized and unique. Krishka was fascinated in crafting even as a child, by spending most of her allowance on buying crafts, but decided to start his own jewelry business just two year ago.

It all started when she had the desire to possess her very own mommy necklace which is personalized with matching birthstone charms. Though it is human’s instinct to buy one, she decided to make her own and just purchase the material instead.

She invested on the necessary tools needed to create the necklace. After finishing her masterpiece, people around her gave it much attention and even asked if she could make one for them. It was then that her hobby of crafting because a small business based at home. She used an online shop, Etsy, to be able to reach out customers and show off her designs.

The kitchen inside her home is the place where Krishka often makes her jewelries. People who order one can request for a personalized touch such as a date or name etched on the charms. Each letter on the charms are stamped using a hammer and finished by going through her small assembly line. It consumes an hour and a half of her time to make one of the necklaces.

Krishka reveals that charms using birthstones are usually great gifts from family members like mom and grannies. Some of her customers also ordered for a group such as a set of bridesmaids or a graduation token. Most clients of hers that are cancer survivors are requesting for necklaces that have ribbon charms.