LinkedIn NY Office: A Team Building Haven


LinkedIn’s New York office is a haven. It has been quite a common knowledge in businesses that a good office space is something essential. It actually attracts employees and somehow it becomes one of the reasons why they would want to stay and work with the company. People know that if employees are happy, with the morale boosted, the employees are happier and when people are happy, they work better and produce more and better outputs.

To boost one’s morale there are a number of activities that can do this. One thing is for bosses to actually listen to their employees. Another thing is that employers initiate activities that will foster the camaraderie and cooperation of the employees. These are usually done via team building activities. Activities that are meant to build relationships between people, between work mates.  Activities that may promote cooperation and coordination within the team.

LinkedIn’s NY Office walls in the Empire State Building is a niche for team building activities. Just inside the office, while waiting for whoever one is supposed to meet from the company, a visitor will find one’s self in a colourful room, with coffee and books to spend your time with while waiting. When one finally gets inside the offices, you’ll find a theatre where employees can watch a movie. In addition to that, one will find a vending machine that offers high-tech gadgets instead of the usual food. Employees can get one for their work-related needs via their badges. As part of the niche for team building activities, LinkedIn has what they call an “InDay”, a chance for employees just to sit back and relax away from keyboards and work.

The kitchen is also awesome for employees to bond while eating the free meals being offered during breakfast and lunch. The office also has spaces and rooms for gyms, for pool tables, foosball, and even a karaoke machine. Different departments spend time away from their keyboards to practice singing as this is one of the activities that different departments do to enjoy and bond with other departments.

Team building activities are important to a growth of the company. It may not be the total cure for all the problems but it can be one way to lessen any conflict or concerns.