Local Internet Marketing A ‘Must’ For Small Businesses According To Experts


Local internet marketing has the ability to give the companies a competitive edge, however, as stated by the experts, a lot of small businesses still think that this is very difficult to understand.

The potential of local internet marketing

Idaho’s Three Strands Marketing, which is a company that offers professional web design and also online marketing solutions, wants to assist these small businesses understand how local internet marketing can influence their businesses.

Having a website allows the small business owners to place themselves as experts in their respective fields. It also allows the prospective customers to know that they are serious about their business, as well as in providing the products and services that consumers need.

The company’s release indicated that the internet is a different way for people to window shop and inspect which businesses they are going to patronize, so a company with no website is going to lose its business, aside from having a poorly built website.

The release added that the small businesses must account local internet marketing when planning to remain competitive. A lot of local customers utilize Google and other business directories such as Yelp in order to look for local businesses found in their areas, which means that when a business is not found there, there is a chance that this business is not visible as much as it can be.

These are also further reaffirmed by Vistaprint Digital Services.

Statistics from Vistaprint Digital Services

Vistaprint Digital Services surveyed about 2,000 consumers, and they have found out that.

  • Thirty-four percent of the respondents mentioned that they are not likely to shop at businesses without websites.
  • Forty-five percent of the respondents mentioned that they are not likely to shop at businesses with poorly built websites.
  • Seventy-five percent of the respondents mentioned that it is crucial to read the reviews of any business prior to visiting it.
  • Sixty percent of the respondents mentioned that they expect small businesses to have social media presence.



These are an indication that internet marketing strategies must be put in place by small businesses to confirm their legitimacy and presence. An online marketing company can help with these efforts, for those that have difficulty understanding how to properly build this online presence.