Majority Willing To Participate In Swachh Bharat


There is an increase in the growth of the e-commerce industry in India thus there are new programs developed in order to reduce the country’s wastes. According to a survey that was conducted, 94 per cent of the citizens are willing to participate in a program that encourage the recycling of materials used in packaging in order to help in the cleaning campaign.

According to a survey conducted by LocalCircles wherein the platform is used in order for the citizens to engage, 94 per cent of those who were surveyed are willing to do recycling in exchange for a small compensation.

The people who take part in the survey were asked if they are willing to be part of a program intended for recycling boxes in order to help the cause which is to make India clean or Swachh Bharat. The e-commerce companies as well as their affiliates will be the one responsible in collecting all the empty boxes and in exchange the people will be given a small amount in the form of a shopping credit.

The report of the survey has already been sent to the Urban Development Ministry as well as the Commerce Ministry.

Based on an Assocham report, there has been a steady growth when it comes to digital commerce sector in India. The rise amounted to 13.6 billion dollars in the year 2014 coming from its original data in 2010 which is only 4.4 billion dollars. The economic survey also indicated that the e-commerce industry in the country will continue to grow at a rate of 21.4 per cent within the years 2015 and 2016 and will eventually have a turnover of around 17 billion in dollars.

The increase in the number of citizens who are availing of the products offered in e-commerce has resulted to an increase in packaging wastes such as plastic and card board boxes. The waste being generated in the country is expected to reach 165 million tons after 15 years compared to what is collected now which is at 62 million tons. In order to use gift boxes and bags that are eco-friendly, buy them at Paper Mart.