Making A Small Change In Homes Ahead Of Christmas


It seems not too long ago when the heat of the summer sun was here. Now, the giant tubs of milk chocolates that are only consumed during the Christmas season is back in the supermarket shelves. This is a reminder of the upcoming holidays in the next weeks.

Already, the toy advertisements are taking over the television screens. Children are also penning long letters to Father Christmas. Yet, if a homeowner is looking to undertake a big project in their homes, the festive season can be a challenging time.


Small changes vs big projects

Lesley Taylor who is an interior designer mentions that it is difficult to commit especially in spending a considerable amount of money during the most expensive time in the year. She adds that in the planning perspective, even with starting now, any unforeseen problems could potentially delay the project way into the Christmas season.

And what about those that really want a change before starting 2017? Those who are tired of that same room in the house? The solution is doing a small change.


Kitchen couture

For many homeowners, kitchens are the heart of homes. So, it can be a big thing when anyone is unhappy with their kitchens. In reality, budget and time are huge constraints.

Lesley advices to make simple changes.

She mentions to take the cupboards. They are important for aesthetic and function. When anyone is happy with how they are, hanging updated cupboard doors instantly transform the overall look of a room.

Another advice is painting walls. This is somehow cheap, and it covers blemishes while giving a modern look. Cobalt blue, cool cerulean and deep grey are currently trendy.


Bathroom blues

A few easy changes prevent anyone from getting overwhelmed with planning or fitting the bathroom before the festive season. Anyone can start with updating the towels.

If there is more budget to spare, a new furniture like a Cloakroom Vanity Unit & Stunning Basin to replace the old cabinets make for a great impact too.



For the other rooms in the house, short-term do-it-yourself solutions are helpful. A new paint revives boring walls while soft furnishings or new accessories add a hint of color.