Modern Hotels To Provide Unique Experiences To Guests


Modern hotels are creating homes away from home for both business and leisure travellers. According to Guy Langford, leader of travel, hospitality and leisure practice of consulting firm Deloitte, some boutique brands as well as hotel brands make their guests feel like they are in someone’s living room when they step on the hotel lobby and common areas. The concept of modern hotels is to provide experiences to their guests.

Yotel is a British chain that started from compact 75-square foot cabins that were attached to London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports in 2007. The compact designs of the cabins were inspired by a trip to Japan of Yotel’s CEO Simon Woodroffe. According to Jo Berrington, Yotels’ VP of brands, Asia is quite good at mixing contemporary and tradition. They are very good at overcoming the challenges of small space.  There is no reason why the Asian concept cannot be used in the Western market.

While Japan has certainly inspired Woodroffe, the actual catalyst was the upgrade of the British airline that left him amazed on how a luxurious design can improve a small space. Instead of paying for hotel space that guests do not actually need, they have the option of a smaller space that provides better value for money paid.

Members of the hospitality industry are now picking the trend of modern hotels. Recently, Hilton has introduced its Tru brand that opened on its first location at Oklahoma City Airport. Meanwhile, Best Western is planning on a one-two punch by introducing both upper scale Vib and budget-friendly Glo brands.

Both Vib and Glo will make use of modern technology. Digital keys will allow guests to unlock doors using their mobile phones. Yotel will provide guests with LED mood lighting while Vib will allow guests to enjoy music streaming and movies on the room’s smart TV with high-end sound system.

A modern hotel in Sukhumvit is prepared to meet the needs of both business and leisure travellers. Aside from the modern facilities and amenities, the central location of the hotel is an advantage. Guests are within walking distance of shopping, dining and entertainment districts in Bangkok.