My Little Pony In The Fashion World


If you though that My Little Pony costumes and clothing would forever remain in the confines of your geeky closet, well, you are mistaken. Just recently, My Little Pony has been making headlines in the fashion industry.

There has been an interesting collaboration with the top fashion designers in the industry, the biggest names of fashion which includes Versace, Rick Owens and Balmain, that would definitely be shaking the hearts and minds of not only fashion enthusiasts but bronies as well. Just recently, these fashion designers have made custom designed plush toys of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Yes, you heard that right. What’s even better news is that they’re auctioning them off for charity. Now if you would think how flattering it is to use the object of your fandom for a noble purpose, you would be crushed when you realize how the fashion industry is going to capitalize on your favorite My Little Pony characters and the whole fandom itself. On the brighter side, it can be assuring to know that it is going to charity.

Versace has been reported to have used her AW15 collection as basis for the plush toys while Rick Owens covered his plush toy with a black ensemble, which isn’t surprising at all.

Italian retailer, LuisaViaRoma, will be the one to auction the plush toys off via eBay. The starting price is at 350 Euros. Honestly, it is a bit too pricy. But if you will think, how cool your collection will be with a plush toy designed by Versace, it’ll definitely be worth it.

For those who could not afford, well, just be glad how far My Little Pony has come and how it is being honored by the fashion industry.

Aside from plush toys, Katie Eary has also made use of My Little Pony characters in her spring 2016 collection. There is a twist though to these ponies, they actually have long throbbing penises. Talk about adult fantasies coming to life in a very comedic and fashionable way. Although the fashion industry is unpredictable, no one would’ve guessed that the future of fashion involves horse peens.