New Restaurant By Paul Einbund Called The Morris


Paul Einbund, a known sommelier, has worked for more than ten years in the top establishments located in San Francisco. He used to work at Tartare owned by George Morrone which has already closed down. He transferred to Coi which is managed by Daniel Patterson and his latest job was a beverage director at Frances and Octavia, both are restaurants owned by the famous chef Melissa Perello.

Einbund is now on their final stages for the launch of his first ever solo project which is called The Morris. He shared how the restaurant came to be with the help of his vision of a playground wherein he would love to see himself play as well as dine each night.

Because of his expertise when it comes to beverage, Einmund expects his drinks to be the highlight of the playground he created.  He admitted his obsession with anything that is liquid.

It has already been five years since he started collecting wines for the restaurant he was planning to build. This is even before the Slow Club was space was available. His wine list consists of more than 50 pages and these are mostly old world wines that have been aged well. He also shared how his investment for his opening has been allotted to established wine produces located in California including Hirsch, Peay, Precedent and Madeleine.

When it comes to the design of the restaurant, Eindbund together with his wife Vanessa Yap Einbund decided to work with designer Scoot Kester and architect named Charles Hemminger.

The space has that industrial feel which the Slow Club used to have. The grey tones were softened a tad with the help of wood accents such as butcher block counters that are made of maple and table tops made of white ash. Einbund is a known fan of Chartreuse thus light green accents were added into the bar lights as well as plants inside which is used as a division between the bar and the dining room.

One of the highlight inside which is noticeable is the illustrated map which depicts the Bay Area. The map illustration was created by an animator named Kory Heinzen who is a close friend of Einbund.