Nonprofit For Education Asking Teachers For Ideas


Reinvention is currently in the works for the Greater Portage Youth Education Foundation and they plan to start by having a better perspective of classrooms and its needs. The nonprofit has a website but experts have said that nonprofit web design should be utilized to improve it.

Tim Bressers, the president of the organization, said during his meeting with members of the Portage School Board that they are hoping to do more. The last time that the foundation was able to make a presentation at the school board was around seven years ago and they are planning to change this as well.

The foundation is planning to give the school district an annual report. Charles Poches, the district administrator along with the members of the school board are in agreement with the arrangement.

Bressers said that the foundation is focused on the youth and the teachers have been a huge reason why they receive a continuous stream of revenue. They are planning to do better for the teachers. They are also hoping that the teachers will be able to share innovative ideas.

The foundation has been receiving various requests such as equipment, extracurricular activities and community events but there are times when the request is not education related. Bressers said that they are happy to support any cause but they are now hoping that teachers will request grants that are directly related to the curriculum.

Every request coming from the teachers has to pass the district after it was signed by the supervisor of the teachers. The foundation wanted to support projects that are not supported by the budget of the district. Bressers said that it is not often they see those requests and the foundation is hoping to see more of them to get more ideas.

The foundation was established in 1995 and its first project was a gymnasium, technology center and performing arts center for the Portage High School wherein they were able to gather almost $1 million of funds.

With the reinvention, they are planning to focus on nonprofit web design, interact through social media and print brochures. This is just a few measures they have in mind.