NSW Fair Trading Says Not To Deal With Sydney Removal Company Extra Mile Movers


A Sydney-based removal company is now a headline from NSW Fair Trading, for having 70 complaints, including a consumer who allegedly endured $30,000 worth of damages.

Fair Trading announced a warning not to transact business with Extra Mile Movers, a Sydney removal company based in Chipping Norton, in Sydney’s southwest.

According to Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe, the report revealed slow, partial and non-supply of removal services; property loss and damage; and demand for more payments over the contracted price.

In December alone, 12 complaints were heard about the complained company, making it top on the Tribunal’s Complaints Register for that month.

One customer, who refused to reveal her name, had her first booking for removal and storage with the Sydney removal company last June 2016.

Seven months later she still waitsfor compensation of her alleged $30,000 worth of damages on household goods. She claims that pieces of her furniture had been scratched and marked … everything was ruined.

The customer booked with Extra Mile Movers after seeing the website online, was impressed by the publicized pictures and following a quote issue process.

Their furniture was first stored in the Sydney removal company’s location in Chipping Norton for a month, before it was moved to their new home.

A seven-month ongoing battle was followed to recover costs for the damages. The company had liability and transit insurance to cover the negligence, but they asked the customer to pay $500 to lodge a claim.

Then they missed to return phone calls and emails. So, she had to take the negligence to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal and asked for a claim.

The customer admitted that the process was somehow frustrating, but she had no other choice but to take it to the Tribunal, as she didn’t like more customers experiencing the same thing.

NSW Fair Trading has an ongoing investigation against Extra Mile Movers, and has plans for action against the company for allegedly breaching Australian Consumer Law.

The tribunal advises the customers to take time to research and read customer reviews online, before selecting Sydney removals.