Optical Express Negligence Resulted To Damages Worth £500,000


With the increasing laser eye surgery Belfast cost and anywhere in the world, some people resort to clinics that are offering the lowest fee. This is what happened to Stephanie Holloway, 28-year-old who suffers from short sightedness, when she grabbed the opportunity after seeing a television ad from an eye clinic, Optical Express, claiming to perform eye surgery for only £395. The patient grabbed the opportunity after seeing the cost which is way lower compared to other eye clinics.

Stephanie is from Lee-on-Solent, Gosport and considered the laser eye surgery because of the advertised price. Upon confirming with the clinic, she was asked to pay £2,790 instead of the promised £395. Despite the quoted fee, she agreed to undergo the operation because of the encouragement of the optometrist who claimed that he had undergone the surgery and had brilliant eyesight ever since.

Holloway said that Optical Express failed to inform her of any risks that the laser eye surgery might cause and she was even asked to sign a consent form after the operation. On the day of her visit to the clinic, she gave the clinic a deposit of £200 but was asked to wait for the surgeon for five hours. The surgeon, Dr Joanna McGraw, claimed that she does not remember everything about the day of their meeting and insisted that knowing her case she would have told her that it was a difficult one and surgery might not be able to correct her eye problem.

The judge countered by saying that their first meeting should not be enough time to come to a conclusion regarding the patient’s condition. The signing of the consent form was also mention by the judge as something wrong. Miss Holloway complained that her vision was sensitive and hazy after the operation but was dismissed by the doctors and she was only instructed to continue using the eye drops.

After filing a complaint, Optical Express hired a private investigator to follow the patient around for a period of three days without her knowledge and consent. The judge ruled Optical Express and the surgeon and was then asked to pay Miss Holloway £569,287 for the damages done and her earnings lost.